Gearing up for Fall Tournaments

With fall competition edging closer, the team has been practicing and competing hard in preparation for the coming weeks. Many of the tigers have taken it upon themselves to go out and get their very own match experience outside of the college schedule. Two tigers, Daniel Alameh and Denis Stolyarov travelled down to Southern California for a $10,000 event on the ITF tour. Being able to compete in qualifying for a professional tournament gave both players invaluable experience and great preparation for the season. In the first round of qualifying Alameh was drawn against current college player and Santa Clara number 1, John Lamble. Despite Alameh’s chances he was unable to capitalize and lost a tight contest 7-6 6-1. Stolyarov, on the other hand, was able to battle hard to win his 1st and 2nd round in qualifying before falling short and taking a loss in the 3rd round.

This past weekend saw all the tigers in action entering into the open singles and doubles USTA tournament in Sacramento. Again giving the tigers more match experience and exposure. The tigers dominated the tournament leaving 4 of the 9 to contest the semi-finals out amongst themselves. Verbeek was the eventual champion defeating freshman Miguel Diaz in the final.


Next up for the tigers- This coming weekend Sem Verbeek, Daniel Alameh and Ben Mirkin will head to Tulsa for the ITA All-American Championship.
Alex Hamilton, Erik Cederwall, Eric Spence and Lance Ngo will head to Fresno to compete at the Fresno State Bulldog Championship.

Go Tigers!!!!

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